hello, i'm bo

a ux designer originally from seattle, with a bachelors of information from the university of toronto.

interested in working on digital and physical experiences that are thoughtfully crafted while sweating the simple stuff.

growing up in seattle allowed me to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. this naturally gave me a unique perspective and an ability to bridge cultural gaps.
when i was 14, i had a chance to join my local rowing club. this taught me how to hold myself accountable, and lead by example. i gained invaluable experience being on a team working towards accomplishing common goals.
following my 2 years at the university of washington studying hci and architecture, i transferred to the university of toronto to focus on ux design where i completed my bachelors.
reflecting back, i believe everything can be improved with design. i am constantly looking for ways to grow and express myself through the work i do.

you can find more from me here — linkedin, instagram
or reach out to me at — bophiwork@gmail.com